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About Me: Final Highlight !

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Another life changing highlight...

In mid 2014, George and I decided to take a six month break from Sydney and teaching and agreed to move to Queensland to teach on a remote cattle station in southwest Queensland’s Channel Country, 540 kms west of Cunamulla. JUST for six months !!

We were to teach three boys on a remote cattle station, 3.2 million acres, the size of a small European country ! They attended Longreach School of the Air, 720 kms away, and learnt remotely via their computers and phone two hours a day. We taught them the other 4 hours a day.

At the end of our time there we discovered there were many families in need of quality educators and had many offers from families with children with learning differences. I was encouraged by families at Longreach, as our time concluded there in 2014, to create a Fb support page for home tutors and ‘govies’. This remains a contact point for many people five years later and is known as ‘Learning Support Down Under.’

Our time extended in the outback as our hearts went out to the many families who contacted us. We spent the next six years teaching on outback and remote cattle stations as Home Tutors in Queensland’s Channel Country, Central Queensland, northeast Queensland and the Flinders Ranges. While teaching, I connected via messenger and phone to support other families across Australia who contacted us from as far afield as West Australia and the remote Birdsville Track.

As we leave this phase of our life and settle into a rural community in NSW, where my husband George is teaching, I have been encouraged by many to continue to support those struggling to educate their students. As such I have begun a new chapter, one that is very different for me as I move to teach and consult online with families across Australia, Malaysia and beyond. Perhaps I will still be able to journey to cattle stations for face to face consultancy time, to help initiate programs and train the educators, and extend our network of outback friends. I look forward to opportunities like these !


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